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We provide customers with over 188,000 hotel and accommodation options worldwide

Hooroo is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Qantas Group, powering the online accommodation platform for Qantas and Jetstar. Hooroo has been built from scratch with proprietary technology by a team of digital innovators in Melbourne.

Our technology solutions provide our hotel suppliers an efficient platform to showcase and sell their accommodation. Since our launch in 2012 our solutions have helped over 500,000 customers (and counting) to find amazing hotel deals. Qantas and Jetstar Hotels offer over 188,000 accommodation options worldwide, allowing consumers to find the right type of accommodation with the right deal wherever they need to stay.

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Hooroo is an online travel agency (OTA) providing consumers with a great experience to find hotels anywhere on any device, and hotels and hotel suppliers an efficient platform to showcase and sell their accommodation.

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We're one of the most affordable

With a competitive commission structure and self-managed interface, we provide an efficient and effective service in which to promote your property.

Access to a large cross-section of Aussie travellers

We regularly communicate with customers across Qantas and Jetstar to drive awareness of our hotels offering.

Inventory is displayed in real time

We're integrated with each of the major channel managers to ensure that your inventory is always up to date.

Get support from dedicated account managers

Hooroo HQ is located in Melbourne so our account managers and support team are never far away, and they're ready to assist you with getting the best value from your listing.

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The marketing team at Hooroo manage an integrated mix of performance SEM, email, social and ATL campaigns that constantly evolves with opportunity. Large subscription databases within individual brands facilitates a considerable reach for campaign initiatives across an engaged and segmented audience.

The team are responsible for all related areas of analytics and strategy on campaigns and own relationships with external brand stakeholders. Working closely with commercial, operations and technology, the marketing team also ensure communication of product offerings is consistent and displayed to full potential.


Hooroo’s commercial team account manage all aspects of the relationship with hotel suppliers and individual hotels. This ranges from onboarding new hotels or hotel chains, engaging suppliers in new sales or campaign initiatives, reporting on analytics and working with suppliers to improve performance and realise opportunities.

Commercial management work with individual external brand stakeholders to manage intercompany relationships and provide strategic direction for growth and stability.


In true ‘start-up' form, Hooroo’s platform has been built by an in-house team that chose open source technology renown for quality and productive use. This proprietary software is now multiple ruby applications stacked on AWS with continuous deployment in place to facilitate full agile development.

Hooroo’s development team, product managers and user experience designers use continuous integration to achieve best practise in rapid delivery and iterative improvement.

The applications now provide a range of consumer websites, hotel supply via wholesale providers and individual hotels, metasearch, and integration with group partners to deliver loyalty, sales and marketing features.

Hooroo’s technology team nurtures an environment of fresh ideas, collaboration, fun and improvement through its supportive and carefully guarded culture.

Customer Service

The Operations Team provides a wide range of support to all aspects of Hooroo. The team provides booking support to customers, hotel support, and liaise with multiple third party operators via a live network from 7:00am-10:00pm (AEST) daily. A second level escalations team is also available from 9:00am-5:30pm (AEST) Monday-Friday.

The team handles all customer and supplier queries, trade and marketing requests, quality assurance, insights and reporting, airline package coordination, process mapping, policy development, fraud analysis, chargeback mitigation, and risk assessment.

The Support Team work across all business streams, including Finance, Development, Product, Marketing, Quality, Legal and commercial to ensure the customer experience and service delivery network remains robust and customer orientated.